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6 CycleMind with Banda ni Kleggy US Tour 2024
Sat | Mar 23 Show: 7:00 pm
$68.00 - $88.00 Buy Tickets

About This Event

6 CycleMind with Banda ni Kleggy US Tour 2024. 6CYCLEMIND has established itself in the industry with them being known in even the most far flung areas of the country. Through 20 years of the band's existence, they have made a name for themselves and have gained the respect of their fellow artists in the music industry and the general public as well. Theirs is a brand that is solid and resilient through the changing times of Pinoy music. The undeniable chemistry among Tutti, Rye, Bob, Vic and Bert onstage works and it continuously endears them to their fans. As an effect, they hone their live shows even further, rearranging old material and coming up with onstage moves to complement the band's more engaging performance style. 6cycleminds music is what we could label as alternative/pop crossover, basically the fusion of alternative music and pop music. They write songs conveying positive themes with the hope of alleviating our plight in these difficult times.