Arts in Our Community

Arts in our Commmunity Program brings lectures, art history, mentoring, classes and training through workshops and assembly performances to school children and community members. 

Curtain Call Performing Arts presents: Tommy the Turtle, Tommy The Turtle will have you singing and dancing to his cool amazingly fun up-beat songs that will take children on a wild adventure of imagination!

Sing-A-Long with Tommy the Turtle’s music about recycling, sharing and caring and keeping our planet clean from pollution, follow Tommy & his friends as they discover and investigate all kinds of amazing bugs that live in your backyard or the planets in our solar system.  Tommy The Turtle sings songs that will inspire children to use their imagination in a more fun, exciting and educational way.

Tommy The Turtle & Friends invite you to listen, learn and Sing-A-Long to their cool music that has a positive and educational messages behind each one of them. Tommy The Turtle teaches the importance of loving and caring for each other as children on one planet as one family while having fun and appreciate all the good times in life!