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Mario Aguilar
Sat | Aug 10 Show: 8:00 pm
$47.50 - $120.00 Buy Tickets

About This Event

Mario Aguilar Ojo De Loca no Se Equivoca tour 2024. This unparalleled and talented comedian, 100% from Tijuana, has captivated everyone on the internet with his iconic characters: "El Papá," "La Morena," "La Rubia," "La Peliroja," and of course, "La Mamá," which undoubtedly portrays the typical Latina mom perfectly. Thanks to his immense creativity and hard work, he has remained one of the favorite YouTubers, eliciting bursts of laughter from both young and old alike. His amusing sketches, sense of humor, as well as daring performances are the ideal remedy to combat boredom. He started as a vlogger (web content creator) on Facebook since December 2014. As of now, he has over 20 million followers on his Facebook page, more than 7 million on YouTube, over 5 million on Instagram, and 17 million on TikTok. The character profile "La Morena" has more than 7 million on TikTok and over 500,000 on Instagram. All Patrons are subject security checks, No outside food or drinks, no weapons, no large purses backpacks or bags, Please see full policy at