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B.A.D Boys of R&B Bugoy Drilon & Daryl Ong
Sat | Oct 14 Show: 7:00 pm
$48.00 - $128.00 Buy Tickets

About This Event

The B.A.D Boys of R&B Bugoy Drilon & Daryl Ong are Two of the most beloved R&B Singers of the Philippines Bugoy Drilon and Daryl Ong blends pop and ballad music once again onstage with the Queen of Soul Jaya and funny girl Ruffa Mae Quinto. Aptly titled Bad Boys these young R&B crooners are both champions of national singing competitions and live the lives of artists that touch the hearts of their fans. As good singers as they are, they can be soo bad good on live stage. They have a huge following in social media and their first foray as a dynamic singing duo will definitely will captivate you over and over again.