BAL Theatre House Rules for Public Movies/Live Events

We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service to Anyone


These Rules will be Enforced

  • No Large Bags
  • No Back Packs
  • No Smoking
  • No Animals/Unless Licensed Service Animal with Proof
  • Turn Cell Phones Off or Put it on Vibrate
  • No Talking or Texting
  • No Professional Cameras
  • No Video Equipment
  • No Audio Equipment
  • No Dancing or Standing in the Aisles
  • No Outside Food or Beverages
  • No Weapons of Any Kind
  • No Chains
  • No Markers
  • No Chewing Gum
  • No Ins and Outs
  • No Babes in Arms
  • No Baseball Caps
Please be Respectful to Staff and Patrons

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone. Rules Subject to Change Without Notice.